Source: Google map screengrab.

Temporary road closure along Sengkang East Way for construction of New Overhead Bridge

A section of Sengkang East Way will be temporarily closed to traffic from 1.00am to 5.00am on 31 August 2018 for the construction of a new pedestrian overhead bridge that will enable residents to conveniently cross Sengkang East Way and access the amenities in the vicinity.

In a press release, Housing and Development Board (HDB) stated that the closed section of the road will be between the junction of Sengkang East Way and Anchorvale Road, to the junction of Sengkang West Way and Fernvale Link.

With the temporary road closure, HDB noted that motorists headed from Sengkang East Way to Sengkang West Way are advised to use the alternative route from Anchorvale Road to Anchorvale Street or Sengkang West Avenue. Motorists travelling from Sengkang West Way to Sengkang East Way are advised to use the alternative route from Fernvale Link to Fernvale Street or Sengkang West Avenue.

The board stated that barricades and diversion signs will be put up to guide motorists. Motorists are advised to drive carefully and observe the information signs displayed.

Source: HDB.

The board noted that the new pedestrian overhead bridge is expected to be completed by 2nd Quarter 2019.