Source: The Straits Times.

Delay along North-East Line on Saturday due to train fault

SBS Transit tweeted on Saturday (7 October) at 12.39 pm that North-East Line (NEL) service towards Punggol NE17 was delayed due to a train fault at Sengkang NE16.

SBS Transit asked commuters to add 15 minutes additional travelling time both bound. However, it did did not mentioned whether free bus services or bridging buses were available.

Around 20 minutes after its first tweet, SBS Transit stated that full train service has resumed, adding that it was sorry for the inconvenience caused.

This is the second time of the week that this particular line experienced delay. The first one occurred on Tuesday (3 October) at around the same time like this one.

However, not many netizens complained on social media, since today is Saturday and not much people out for work and were not in a rush.

One commuter though tweeted his complaint. Daniel Lim wrote that there were no staff to guide to the free buses and they had to walk to Punggol.