Source: The Straits Times.

NEL train service delays due to train trault, no info on designated bus stops for free bus bridging service

SBS Transit has announced on its Twitter page on Tuesday (3 October) at 1.15 pm that train service along its North-East Line service is delayed due to a train fault and asked passengers to add 15 minutes travelling time.

A moment later, it tweeted that it provided free bus rides at designated bus stops near affected NEL stations and stated that bridging buses were also activated.

SBS Transit then tweeted that free bus rides were available at NE17 Punggol and NE15 Buangkok and asked commuters to approach their staffs for assistance.

However, half an hour after their first tweet, it then stated that there were no train service between NE17 Punggol to NE15 Buangkok due to train fault.

SBS Transit then tweeted that the service towards HarbourFront NE1 is delayed and 20 minutes additional travelling time may be expected.

An hour after its first tweet, SBS Transit stated that the service was back to regular service and that free buses still available from NE17 Punggol to NE15 Buangkok.

It then stated that free bus rides and bridging bus services have ceased.

A few commuters tweeted about a delay moments before the SBS Transit itself announced the delay.

Kwayoto asked the company which stations are affected as there were no explanation on the matter.

Limwenhao asked SBS Transit regarding bridging buses as people have been queuing for the past 20 minutes at Sengkang but there were not any buses available.