Even hardcore PAP supporter Calvin Cheng disappointed with PM Lee’s NDR speech

In a surprising turnaround, ex-Nominated Member of Parliament as well as ex-Young PAP member Calvin Cheng posted a Facebook message yesterday (20 Aug) criticising PM Lee’s speech made at the National Day Rally on Sunday (19 Aug).

In his posting, Mr Cheng is of the view that the present Government does not have the moral authority to tell Singaporeans to be frugal and spend within their means.

He compared the present generation of PAP politicians who have million dollar salary vs the old guards led by founding PM Lee Kuan Yew, who was known to be frugal.

“If Ah Gong or Father tells you to use WiFi not 4G and save money, you probably will nod your head and say ok even if u not happy,” Mr Cheng commented.

“If your rich brother tells you the same thing, you will probably tell him to go fly a kite.”

He opined that this is what’s happening now with many netizens turning a deaf ear to what PM Lee said on Sunday.

Calvin Cheng is known to be a hardcore PAP supporter who frequently clashes with netizens online while trying to defend the PAP.

If Mr Cheng also thinks that the present generation, let alone the 4th generation, of PAP politicians should “go fly a kite”, something must be seriously wrong with Singapore’s leadership then.