Daily Archives: 2018-06-28

Launch of Tuas Desalination Plant, first to be owned and operated by PUB

Speaking at the opening of the Tuas Desalination Plant on Thursday (28 June), Minister for Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli said that there is the need for Singapore to continually expand and enhance its water supply network. The plant is the first to be owned and operated by PUB and will also be used to test new energy-saving technologies. It is …

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Are Singapore’s millennials financially irresponsible?

by ValuePenguin Younger generations often face scrutiny regarding their lifestyles and values. Millennials are no different, and are often depicted as financially careless and short-sighted. Is this reputation well deserved? Known for their love of avocado toast and social media, millenials are often criticised for not being financially savvy or forward thinking. Not only that, they expect to retire earlier than older generations …

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Has Singapore over aligned itself with “Chineseness”?

For once I agree with former diplomat Bilahari Kaukisan who has said at a recent conference that: “When the Chinese try to impose a Chinese identity on Singapore, we must resist, because modern Singapore is based on the idea of being a multiracial country.” In some ways, Singapore has inherited the “divide and rule” system from Colonial times. The British found …

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