Singapore Badminton Association's CEO to step down on 31 January

Singapore Badminton Association (SBA) has announced that its CEO, Ronnie Lim, will step down on 31 January after more than three years on duty to move on to pursue his personal goals.
Mr Lim, who is a former banker, said, “These three years at SBA has been very fulfilling for me. During this time, we introduced our first Singaporean chief coach and encouraged more locals to pick up badminton as a professional sport.”
He then added, “I also had the opportunity to be involved in the SEA Games in Singapore and Myanmar,
Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Asian Games in Incheon and the recent Rio Olympics. My greatest moments are witnessing our athletes win medals at these major Games which makes me feel especially proud as a Singaporean.”
SBA stated that it will start its search for a new CEO immediately.

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