Open bid for SLL series of car registration numbers to be held on Friday

Open bid for SLL series of car registration numbers to be held on Friday

Bidding for car registration numbers 1 to 9999 in the SLL series will start from 1.00am on Friday, 6 January and end at 4.30pm on Wed, 11 January.
Interested members of the public are invited to submit their bids online through ONE.MOTORING website, available from 6.00am to midnight daily during the bidding period, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) informed in its news release on 3 Jan.
The public can bid for up to three different car registration numbers of the same prefix at the same bid amount in one bid submission, in the order of preference. Only one registration number will be awarded, if successful.
LTA states that the minimum bid amount is $1,000/-. Offer higher than $1,000/-shall be in multiples of $1/-. A non-refundable service fee of $10/- (before GST) is payable through eNETS Debit for each bid submission. For total payable amount (i.e. full bid amount plus service fee with GST):

  • Up to $10,000/-, payment must be made via eNETS Debit.
  • Above $10,000/-, payment may be made via eNETS Debit or Cashier’s Order.

Where payment is by Cashier’s Order, the full bid amount must be made payable to Land Transport Authority or LTA.
Bidders are required to print and fold the system-generated self-addressed envelope, enclose the Cashier’s Order in the envelope and deposit it into the tender box before the closing date and time of the bidding exercise at:

LTA, Customer Service Centre, 10 Sin Ming Drive, Level 1.

Each registration number will be suffixed with a letter of the English alphabet. The numbers can only be used for registration of new car or replacement of existing car registration numbers in an individual’s or company’s name. Successful bidders will not be allowed to transfer the car registration number.
Further details on the electronic bidding procedures and the available registration numbers for bidding are available at the website of ONE.MOTORING.
Successful bidders will be notified of the results through email. Bid results will also be available on the ONE.MOTORING website online inquiry service from 12.00pm on 18 January 2017.

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