Temporarily stay of execution for Kho Jabing granted

There were two separate cases related to Kho Jabing’s case were heard in court today.

One was a criminal motion filed by Gino Hardial Singh, while another was an originating summons filed by Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss.

The criminal motion was on the grounds of apparent bias on the part of Justice Andrew Phang, who had sat on both Jabing’s appeals. This criminal motion was dismissed by the Court of Appeal today.

The originating summons challenged the constitutionality of certain aspects of the amendments to the mandatory death penalty in Singapore. Mrs Chong-Aruldoss had sought a stay of execution pending the scheduling of a hearing date for her application to be heard.

It is said that Ms Chong barely managed to appear before a judicial commissioner in the late afternoon, and came out only in the evening.

The judicial commissioner denied to issue a stay of execution himself, but allowed a temporary stay to be granted whilst his decision was being appealed, on condition that a notice of appeal be filed by Jabing’s lawyers by 11pm on Thursday, which has been compiled with.

The legal team has been informed that the appeal has been set for 9 am on Friday. If their appeal is dismissed, the stay of execution for Kho Jabing will be lifted.