Reader unsure where Mr Murali really stands and where are his commitments & priorities

By Judith Tan

Greetings to all readers and yourself and I hope you have all enjoyed the well deserved long weekend.


I chanced upon this wreath at Lor Ah Soo (which falls under the Paya Lebar Div of Aljunied) on 24 Apr 2016 while visiting a relative and felt a little puzzled as I am unsure where this man really stands and his commitments/priorities.

All I can see so far is, a so-called established lawyer having to hide under the coat tails of the PM, DPM & other female ministers who have to do all the attacking and answering for him while he either appears blur like a squid or stunned like vegetable. (compare his approach with Sitoh Yih iPn)

As I follow through this hilarious election, why I call it hilarious because the ruling party has no talents, ran out of ideas that it has to mimic whatever the Opposition is doing and has been unable to find a suitable replacement for Aljunied as well. Worse still, some like Grace Fu are working on the assumption that Murali defeated Mr Chen Show Mao that remains at myth at best. Unless Grace Fu is telling us that our votes are not secret which will warrant an immediate judicial inquiry!

I end by hoping that the residents of B.B. will carefully weigh the options before them between endorsing an unforgiving, ungracious carrot & stick approach to politics here or showing the rest of S’pore that graciousness and parliamentary representation is the way forward at this uncertain economic juncture!

#Your Voice In Parliament