10 reasons why Dr Chee is the more electable candidate at Bukit Batok SMC by-election

By Wee Lee Sum

I have been keenly following developments to the by-election which I believe will be called in June 2016.

After reading several posts from various sources about why the Secretary General of Singapore Democratic Party, Dr Chee Soon Juan will win (or lose), here are my 10 takes on why Dr Chee is the more electable candidate:
1.    Voting for Dr Chee will present a refreshing, alternative view based on solid background research that the the NMPs and NCMPs will never be able to offer, in any case, it will be interesting to see a Red return to parliament after a long absence.
2.    A vote for Dr Chee will make all parties work harder in an unhealthy 2 party system in Singapore politics, case in point, the lackluster performances in parliament
3.    Several recent unanswered serious lapses due to G.E. 2015 strong showing for the PAP which resulted in arrogance and a backtracking of electoral promises e.g. the irresponsible disappearance of former MP David Ong himself
4.    “Endorsement” of Dr Chee by Mr Chen Show Mao in a bid to call the bluff of the PAP to retain Murali in Aljunied GRC to fulfil his promises for a rerun at the next polls
5.    Bt Batok residents and Singaporeans at large have nothing to lose with the election of Dr Chee as the PAP is already the government with overwhelming seats
6.    A vote for People’s Action Party’s candidate, Mr Murali Pillai is endorsement of the status quo for an opaque and capitalistic society, run by digits and figures
7.    Bt Batok residents will enjoy the best of both worlds with a 2 in 1 meet-the-people session.

8.    The SDP is run by capable, competent people who weathered the toughest times of Dr Chee‘s bankruptcy and the party’s decline to rise above the occasion as propagated by Jason Chee, Chan Chun Sing, Lee Junior etc.

9.    SDP has exchanged confrontational politics with hardcore ground work despite lack of volunteers  especially in the area of Holland-Bt Timah
10.    The SDP is the only party that saw its vote share increased at the last GE in spite of the disastrous showing by other Opposition parties which goes to show #Nowisthetime to send them to parliament
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