Dr Daniel Goh officially declared as 3rd NCMP in parliament

Dr Daniel Goh Pei Siong has been officially declared the candidate elected as the 3rd Non-constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) by the Returning Officer from the Elections Department (ELD) on Thursday.

The NCMP scheme guarantees up to nine opposition candidates to enter the parliament as NCMPs. As the General Election 2015 had six opposition Members of Parliament (MPs), the top three losers in the election were given to take up seats in the parliament as NCMPs.

Dr Goh had been nominated by his party, Workers’ Party (WP) to take over the NCMP seat after Ms Lee Li Lian declined to take up the position.

This transfer was brought up in Parliament through a motion tabulated by the WP. The motion was subsequently approved by majority of the parliament with amendments made.

Dr Goh acknowledged the declaration by ELD by saying that it is his privilege to be elected as NCMP and to serve his country in Parliament.

He added that he knows that the appointment as an NCMP is a grave responsibility and will give his best in the coming years.

With the appointment of Dr Daniel Goh as NCMP. WP has a total of 9 seats in parliament, 6 elected MPs and 3 NCMPs.