The scourge of ignorance and fear

By Li Hui Min

It has been a long time since I have read Lianhe Zaobao. This morning, a friend sent a link of an article to me, and I got goosebumps after reading it.

Lianhe Zaobao, the main Chinese daily broadsheet in Singapore, published a rather ignorant editorial today warning against legalising same-sex marriage. The article, titled “the disaster of ‘love prevails'”, is full of logical flaws that can be seen as instilling fear towards the LGBT community. Drawing parallel between same-sex marriage and incest, the paper warns of the consequences of allowing people to seek individual rights as they disregard the harm they are bringing to the society.

Whether you support same sex marriage or not, you are entitled to your views, and if you want to instil fear by saying that legalisiing same-sex marriage will cause disastrous consequences, please substantiate it. that is what i find lacking in that editorial.

Without giving stronger evidence and analysis, the editorial reiterates the harm and destruction that legalisation of same sex marriage might bring to mankind and urges readers to remain vigilant.

It is very worrying as this comes from a national paper which we expect a more intellectual argument over issues rather than fear-mongering.

Here’s what the editorial wrote,

“According to the logic of “Love prevails”, marriage is just to satisfy one’s psychological and physical desire, so long it does not constitute a material harm to others , other conditions would not be sufficient as a basis for objection . If this logic holds , as long as two homosexuals profess their love for each other, brothers or sisters can also to be wed – they too do not constitute any material harm to others. Of course, this is likely not include the approval of their parents. It is obvious what harm will come to be with such mentality of one’s individual rights without a single bit of consideration about the impact to society.”

[junkie-toggle title=”Original Chinese Text” state=”closed”] “按照这个“爱情胜出”的逻辑,婚姻只是要满足个人的心理与生理欲望,只要不对他人构成实质伤害,其他条件都不足以当做反对的理由。如果这个逻辑成立,只要两个同性者宣誓自己深爱对方,兄弟或姐妹也可以成婚——他们同样不对他人构成实质伤害,当然这很可能不包括他们父母的心。这种基于个人权利却丝毫不考虑群体后果的思维方式,其危害显而易见。” [/junkie-toggle]

Zaobao also wrote, “The reason why the Supreme Court’s judgement has garnered global attention is because United States still possess a strong international influence, the soft power of its popular culture is even more far-reaching. The reversal of America’s public opinion on same-sex marriage, eventually led to the Supreme Court to listen to the crowd, this is exactly the results of the Americans being imperceptibly influenced over many years.

Respect and tolerance for homosexuals is indeed a symbol of modern civilization and progress , but this cannot be said with the same on legalising gay marriage, because it cannot be ignored on how the latter in the name of freedom, human rights , equality , would bring about the destruction of real human relations between men and women , and a long term impact to the human civilization. One should remain on the alert on how the world looks at it as a symbol of progress, that includes the possible damages that come with the value judgement. One should remain on the alert”

[junkie-toggle title=”Original Chinese Text” state=”closed”] “联邦最高法院的这个判决之所以引起全球关注,因为美国仍拥有强大的国际影响力,其流行文化的软实力更是无远弗届。美国民意对同性婚姻的大逆转,最终导致最高法院就从于民粹,正是美国人多年遭其潜移默化的结果。对同性恋者的尊重和包容,确实是现代文明进步的象征,但这与同性婚姻合法化并不可同日而语,因为后者以自由、人权、平等之名,破坏男女人伦之实,对人类文明所带来的长远冲击,不容忽视。世人对此看似代表进步、包容价值的判决所可能带来的破坏,必须有非常的警觉。” [/junkie-toggle]



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