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S’porean hotel guests score #2 for hotel thievery

A survey by website hotels.com has found that Singaporean hotel guests are among the most likely in the world to pinch something from their hotel rooms. In a survey of 5,000 travellers, the result of which was released in early May 2015, it found that only 29 per cent of Singaporeans surveyed answered with “nothing” when asked if they had …

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Charlie Chan and the Art of This and That

By Sonny Liew It’s been a topsy turvy last couple of weeks. I’ve been very touched by all the support from readers for the book, by Kinokuniya, media folk, and all my friends and family. To make it clear, the National Arts Council (NAC) has always been very supportive too – travel grants, subsidized arts housing at Goodman Arts Centre, …

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NAC, defender of government legitimacy – confessing without a beating?

By Howard Lee One can only wonder what was going through the minds of the people at the National Arts Council when they decided to withdraw the the publishing funds for Sonny Liew’s graphic novel, The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye; and to add salt to the wound, justified it by saying that the book “potentially undermines the legitimacy …

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Lim Swee Say now cautions against the influx of FWs

Minister for Manpower (MOM), Lim Swee Say, has dismissed calls by businesses for the government to relax its foreign labour policies in order to allow more foreign workers into Singapore. Mr Lim was reported to have said that there is “no turning back” on the government’s tightening of such policies. “We have reached a point of no return,” Mr Lim …

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Comic book “undermines the authority or legitimacy” of Gov’t: NAC

“The Art Of Charlie Chan Hock Chye” potentially “undermines the authority or legitimacy” of the Government, and it had also breached funding guidelines, the National Arts Council (NAC) told the press yesterday. The novel by artist-illustrator Sonny Liew has since sold out its entire first print, according to its publisher. At the book’s launch over the weekend, long queues were …

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What went wrong or right in the Shangri-La roadblock shooting?

By Gangasudhan In light of the incident where a man who was trying to flee a roadblock was shot dead there has been much speculation as to the police protocol and concerns on the justification for the police to use deadly force under such circumstances. While this is a rightful concern and one that should be discussed, it is necessary …

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