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Don’t harass the press – Lee, Yee and the information mockery

By Howard Lee Those who have watched Diana might remember the ending scene about how the late Princess of Wales escaped the paparazzi hordes with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed. Before leaving a hotel in Paris, they sent a decoy – a fleet of cars, as if to demonstrate the importance of its occupants, rolled in one direction and was chased aggressively by …

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“Most unusual” if LKY’s family was always in charge, Tharman says

“The St. Gallen Symposium is a global gathering of Leaders of Today and Tomorrow that takes place annually in May at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland,” the website of the symposium says. “It is organised by the International Students’ Committee (ISC), a team of students from the university.” The 45th St. Gallen Symposium took place from 7–8 May 2015 …

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SPH serves legal papers on TRS editors for alleged copyright infringement

The editors of The Real Singapore (TRS), who are already charged with seven counts of alleged sedition, today found themselves the target of more legal action, this time from Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). SPH owns most of the newspapers in Singapore, and also several magazines. It is suing the TRS editors, student Yang Kaiheng and his girlfriend, Ai Takagi, for …

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The Amos Yee trial and pain threshold in Singapore

By Masked Crusader There has been public disquiet following some inexplicable court proceedings of late. The highest profile case among these has been that against 16-year-old Amos Yee. From reports, the prosecution arguments seemed rather weak. In fact, in her 16-page judgment, District Judge Jasvender Kaur rejects various grounds by the defence, but rarely mentions the prosecution’s reasoned arguments which …

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Amos Yee, giving child molestation victims a bad name

By AL After following the political drama surrounding a wee 16-year-old, the latest episode has now riled me to pen my opinions down on his molest allegations to Vincent Law. As an advocate of human rights and free speech in Singapore, I am appalled at how he treats the issue of molestation so flippantly. Child molestation, like rape, is one …

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Running to the police not a mark of committed citizenry: Cherian George

On 15 May, Dr Lee Woon Kwang wrote to the Straits Times’ Forum page to lament if the “population at large [is] mature enough to handle” what academic Terence Chong called for – “open discussion in a frank and adult manner.” Dr Lee was responding to an earlier article in the same paper on “a deepening conflict between freedom of …

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