Daily Archives: 2015-05-08

Acquit Amos Yee, not over-extend scope of law: defence counsel

Interest in the trial of 16-year old blogger, Amos Yee, saw some 70 to 80 people turn up at the State Court on Friday. Some had arrived as early as 12 noon to queue up for the limited number of seats. After a brief first day on Wednesday, where proceedings lasted a mere 20 minutes before the defence requested for …

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Critique is to spur positive change: Amos Yee

16-year old blogger Amos Yee explained in court documents that his intention in critiquing Christianity and Lee Kuan Yew is to open discussions on what he saw as “problems” with the faith and Singapore. The teenager said that he was aware his critique would lead some people to take offence, but that this promoted discussion, which, he added, “was healthy …

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Death penalty will make Singapore an “outlier nation”: Human Rights Watch

Singapore’s execution of Mohammad bin Kadar on April 17, 2015, should be the last use of capital punishment in the country, Human Rights Watch said today. Singapore has about 25 people on death row. At least two, recently sentenced, could face execution in the coming months. In place of these and other potential executions, Singapore should join the 117 United …

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New NDP song by Dick Lee, “Our Singapore”

The new song for this year’s National Day Parade is “Our Singapore”, written by Dick Lee and will be performed by pop singer JJ Lin. Lee is credited with the NDP 1998 song, “Home“, which has often been cited as Singaporeans’ favourite National Day song. Lee was initially hesitant to write the 2015 song, as he knew it would be …

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New website Straits Times Review is now States Times Review

Purportedly to avoid a legal tussle with national broadsheet The Straits Times, the owner of new website Straits Times Review has since last night changed it’s name to States Times Review. The website and Facebook page handle currently both reflect the name change, although the URL for its Facebook page remains unchanged. STR’s Facebook page currently has about 8,000 likes. Singapore Press Holdings …

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