Daily Archives: 2015-05-03

Stop practice of “name-calling and personal destruction”: Chee

It is time to stop the practice of “name-calling and personal destruction” in Singapore’s political landscape, says Dr Chee Soon Juan, secretary general of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP). Writing on the party’s website on Sunday, Dr Chee made the call in the light of the assault on 16-year old blogger and Youtuber, Amos Yee. The teenager was hit in …

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Benefit or threat – the thin line between empowerment and censorship

By Ghui – views for World Press Freedom Day Press freedom (or the lack of it) has always been an issue that Singapore has faced. We have been frequently criticised by international media and always lead the list (from bottom up) in the Press Freedom Index. This reputation is not something that the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew shied away …

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Intolerance, violence and the media we need to defend

By Howard Lee – views for World Press Freedom Day In a casual living room setting filled with diplomats, writers and bloggers, the conversation eventually turned to a question about whether a blogger can be considered a journalist. The room was undecided, compounded especially by bloggers who felt that they could not represent journalism in any professional sense. But one …

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