Daily Archives: 2015-04-20

We are “continuing to look into the case concerning Nisha Padmanabhan”: IDA

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) is “continuing to look into the case concerning Nisha Padmanabhan”, the employee who is accused of possessing a fake MBA degree from the Southern Pacific University, a known degree mill. The statutory board under the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) said this on a Facebook post on 20 April. The IDA’s latest …

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What is Amos Yee’s problem? Ours, actually.

By Howard Lee By now, it would be completely understandable to find Amos Yee’s antics tiresome. Even the strongest advocates for free speech has to admit that banging your head against a brick wall a second time, when the first has already given you a nasty bruise, is really not the smartest thing to do. Amos’s latest romp saw him …

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Making threats against the law: MLC

The Media Literacy Council (MLC), a 26-member Government-appointed committee to develop public awareness and education programmes relating to media literacy and cyber wellness, cautioned on 4 April against threatening Amos Yee. In a Facebook post on its page, the MLC said, “We certainly shouldn’t be threatening harm and abuse against people we disagree with, as that is unbecoming of a …

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