Daily Archives: 2015-04-06

Amos Yee and the hypocrisy of some responsible speech advocates

By Carlton Tan Within 2 days of posting his anti-LKY video, Amos Yee became the subject of 20 police reports lodged against him. In the week that followed, he became the subject of ever more insults and spurious speculation. In response to this, Cherian George, the Director of Asia Journalism Fellowship, cautioned people against treating Amos as an adult in …

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Nominations open for Singapore Advocacy Awards 2015

Who are Singapore’s most outstanding advocates and activists? The annual search for Singapore’s most outstanding civil society organisations and individuals has begun. Nominations open today for the Singapore Advocacy Awards, which aim to recognise, affirm and celebrate civil society organisations and individuals for their outstanding initiative and positive impact on integration, diversity, solidarity, tolerance and awareness in Singapore. Three awards …

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The freedom to assemble peacefully in Singapore:  An illusory right?

By Priscilla Chia Many of you might be familiar with the Speaker’s Corner. It is the only public venue in Singapore where citizens and permanent residents may give public speeches, debate or performances without a license and hold public demonstrations without a police permit. But what you might not be aware of is the fact that the Minister for Home Affairs …

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