PRC group attacks and kills S’porean with sledge hammer

Report from TR Emeritus:

A netizen, Erwan Zainal, posted a note on his Facebook page [Link] on Thursday (26 Mar), mentioning that his cousin who has just joined the construction industry was allegedly beaten by 6 PRCs at a construction site with a sledge hammer.

Apparently, while recuperating at home on MC, his cousin was later pronounced dead on 25 Mar. Erwan said that 3 PRCs were arrested while the other 3 are still at large:


The news was confirmed by the Chinese media yesterday (27 Mar):


It reported that a heavy crane operator, 22-year-old Fazli, was allegedly injured by a sledge hammer during a dispute with 3 foreign workers. Two days later while on MC, he vomited blood and passed away at home.

The incident happened at a construction site in Ayer Rajah Crescent on Monday evening (23 Mar) at about 6:30 pm. Fazli passed away on Wednesday (25 Mar) at about 1:35 pm.

According to the netizen Erwan, the incident happened at a MediaCorp site. A check on the Internet showed that MediaCorp is building a new broadcast centre at Mediapolis, a 19-hectare hub for media industries, off Ayer Rajah Crescent.

Occupying 1.5 hectares and situated next to a park, MediaCorp will not only have modern media facilities, but a “fenceless campus” where the public can flow through and take a peek at a drama or news broadcast. They can also visit cafes and restaurants and gift shops at MediaCorp and enjoy performances in the new 1600 seat state-of-the-art performance theatre. The move to Mediapolis at one-north is scheduled to begin in the second half of 2015, MediaCorp said.

The news report also said that police is treating the case as unnatural death, which includes death due to intentional injury, such as homicide or suicide, and death caused by unintentional injury in an accidental manner.

The netizen, Erwan, was also interviewed by the Chinese media. Erwan told the media that the information he had was that a PRC worker was standing near the crane. According to safety regulation, this is not permitted. His cousin, Fazli, then asked the PRC to move away. But the PRC refused to move. Because of language barrier, a misunderstanding ensued resulting in a heated argument. Someone then allegedly used a sledge hammer to attack Fazli.

Later, Fazli was sent to the hospital. After going through a medical check, the attending doctor said Fazli was alright but gave him 3 day MC. Erwan said that on Tuesday, Fazli was still able to move about and seemed to be alright. But on Wednesday, he was dead.

3 men has been arrested by the police for further investigation, according to the report.

Erwan also revealed that Fazli lived with his brother and father in a 1-room HDB rented flat. Father is a security guard. After his NS, Fazli went to work immediately as the family needs money.

“He will take up any job, hoping to help his father pay for family expenses and take care of his brother, who is unable to work,” Erwan said.

Fazli’s brother met a motorbike accident last year and went into a coma for 2 months. Fazli was also involved but he managed to survive with only a few scratches. The car which hit their motorbike left the scene. His brother only managed to came out from his coma in Jan this year. However, he has become an invalid. Till today, the family can’t find the car which hit them.

Erwan said that Fazli always respected elders and was a helpful person with a jovial personality.

The news report said that Fazli’s friends have started a donation drive on social media to collect money for the family. So far, a total of $6,400 have been collected as at 9pm yesterday (27 Mar). They intend to raise $15,000 for the family.

For those who wish to help this fellow Singaporean, please visit: http://www.gofundme.com/lh933c 

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