Escalators stopped to prevent overcrowding of platforms due to delays at NSL

SMRT 2910
Image of the crowded platform by [email protected]

Train delays along the SMRT’s North-South line (NSL) this morning at around 7am which resulted in waiting time to vary between 5 mins to 7 mins.

Sources informed TOC that announcements were made at the stations citing the delays to be caused by train fault at Ang Mo Kio.

Due to the delays, the platforms were crowded with passengers waiting to board the next train and some stations like the Sembawang MRT station stopped the escalator in view of the crowded platforms to prevent a repeat of the incident last week. However, there were still stations which did not stop the escalators from operating.

Passengers voiced out their grievances through twitter about the train delays and how they have been affected by it.

switch off both escalotar also late free ride to passengers switch off escalator 7 mins wait for SMRT escalator not working less crowded area


There was no update on the SMRT facebook fanpage nor twitter on the disruption to inform passengers of the disruption. TOC has written into SMRT asking for reasons why was the train delay not reported by the company, and will publish the reply once the company responds.

It is also unknown when the train service for the affected line resumed its normal services as there were no announcement made of initial train service disruption.

Update: SMRT has replied to TOC and wrote,

We refer to your feedback today, 29 October 2014 regarding train delay lack of announcement.

We will launch an investigation into your feedback on train delay. We have also noted your comments on missing communication on Facebook and Twitter account pertaining the delay. We have since forwarded your feedback to the relevant department for their investigation and necessary review.

Rest assured that we will endeavour to implement improvement measures and prevent similar lapses in future.

We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused our commuters and look forward to deliver more reliable services.