“Competition Commission Singapore, are you doing your job?”

Competition Commission Singapore,

I refer to the article, “Cinemas raise prices for weekend screenings” (MyPaper, 6 June 2014).

All four cinema chains have raised their ticket prices in unison. Although the cinemas do not have a government agency to look after them, the cinemas behaved as if they were transport companies acting under the Public Transport Council’s Fare Review Committee where prices go up together!

This puts consumers like us at a disadvantage. What is the point of having more players to compete in the market when all of them can gang up, increase prices and Singaporeans are unable to do anything about it?

Let’s recap another instance where organisations acted together but Singaporeans have no choice but to quietly accept the changes: “Tuition fee hike at four varsities; polys, ITE to follow” (CNA, 21 March 2014).

How come one Uni raise fees, the other Unis follow? Even SIM has no choice but to follow the rest.

Competition Commission Singapore, are you doing your job? I think you are not. Why are you all wasting tax payers’ monies?

The above is an edited version of a letter sent by a reader to various officers in the Competition Commission of Singapore.