Daily Archives: 2014-03-11

North Korea accused of using embassy in S’pore to dodge UN sanctions

A United Nations report release on Tuesday says North Korea has developed “sophisticated means” to circumvent UN sanctions, including the suspected use of its embassies around the world to facilitate an illegal trade in weapons. The report is compiled by a panel of eight UN experts, and studies North Korea’s compliance with UN sanctions. “From the incidents analyzed in the …

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Low Thia Khiang calls on govt to adopt “30-year” rule on Cabinet Papers

Parliamentary speech by MP for Aljunied GRC, Low Thia Khiang Delivered in Committee of Supply on 10 March 2014] The National Archives of Singapore is the official custodian of public records and arguably the keeper of our collective social memory. However, my understanding is that there seems to be a huge gap in the records and our collective memory, because …

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Book Review: “The Ruling Elite of Singapore”

The Ruling Elite of Singapore is a brilliant publication, in which Michael Barr, a senior lecturer in International Relations at Flinders University, Australia, explores “the complex and covert networks of power” in the city-state of Singapore. The text is divided into eight concise chapters, written in a clear, objective style that is not bloated with academic jargon. The content is juicy …

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Eureka Moments by the Elite

By Masked Crusader Ministers, it seems, can make any law or regulation without too much consideration or debate as long as it feels like a good idea to them. Mr Khaw Boon Wan, Minister of National Development, announced yesterday in parliament that the Housing Development Board will only conduct valuations of resale flats after an Option to Purchase (OTP) has …

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