Friday, 22 September 2023

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An Open Letter to Apostle Mr Lawrence Khong on his Sermon, God’s Pattern for Marriage

This letter was submitted via the Readers’ Contribution


Dear Apostle Khong,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for putting in so much effort to research and deliver the sermon on God’s pattern for Marriage. Though I am not a Christian myself, I am greatly struck by how convicted and firm you are in what you believe in.

More importantly, I would like to thank you for highlighting what the Gay Agenda is. I identify myself as a gay man and though I have already considered myself one for at least the past 5 years, I have yet been told by any of my gay friends, some who are those gay activists you mentioned, what this Agenda is.

I feel deeply disappointed with them now that you have revealed what this Agenda is because I feel like I’m a lesser homosexual than they are (especially after you mentioned how so many other homosexual people in the world are dominating so many fields across the world). Finally, now I know what these “friends” of mine are actually plotting and as a gay person myself, I am very worried about this Agenda. (Just a question though, how did you manage to find out about this when even I didn’t know? I sure hope you weren’t eavesdropping in some gay establishment’s locker room, exposing yourself to the sinful activities that gay men like myself engage in to fish for such confidential information.

If it was, I must thank you once again for risking your entrance into the Gates of Heaven to salvage Singaporeans since you compared homosexuality to the vices of drug and human trafficking, prostitution, basically all the most heinous crimes on earth in your sermon.)

If I may reiterate what you mentioned to be the Gay Agenda, they are basically (1) Tolerance, (2) Acceptance, (3) Celebration, (4) Promotion as a Social Good and (5) Forced Participation. You said that currently, Pink Dot is an indication that we are currently at Stage (3) of the Gay Agenda and in many Western countries, it is already at Stage (4) or Stage (5). I cannot agree more with you. on your observations on which stage we are along this checklist of the Gay Agenda. Personally, as a gay person who has only just found out about this devious plot for the LGBT community to take over the world – to be more influential than Christianity and Islam, which are the other two greatest influences over our world according to your sermon – I am not sure who came up with this Gay Agenda though. I just wonder why is it that the masterminds behind the Gay Agenda that you described sound so much like Aldrich Killian and Extremis in Iron Man 3, hiding behind a veil of anonymity. Nobody seems to be owning up to this. Dear masterminds, I am appealing to you to reveal who you are so that we, the common gay people, can decide what to do. Right now, I feel so torn between whether I should support this Gay Agenda or fight against it.

But, what if your source of information was wrong? What if you overheard wrongly in the locker room because of the groans and moans in the locker room? What if there was no one behind the Gay Agenda? It could well be that the Gay Agenda is in fact the Mandarin (to reference Iron Man 3 again) and you, together with LoveSingapore, are the Aldrich Killian and Extremis in this entire fiasco? Then, the Agenda that you are pushing is not to stop the Gay Agenda. It is to impose upon the entire state of Singapore your religious view. I shuddered when you proclaimed “Don’t ever say that the church does not get into politics, we do!” proudly and went on the claim that the Prime Minister has endorsed the involvement of religion in politics.

I may have misunderstood what you meant by how this involvement works but from what you have been doing and what you said, I highly doubt it means political involvement of a Singaporean who happens to be Christian (or of any other faith) but of a Christian who happens to be Singaporean instead. My alma mater had a poster hung in school that quoted one of our alumni members as saying: “If you think of yourself as Chinese, Malays, Indians and Sri Lankans, then Singapore will collapse. You must think of Singapore: ‘This is my country.’ I fight and die for Singapore if necessary.”

I believe this applies to race, religion and any other way we identify ourselves and I worry that this foundation upon which our nation was built is threatened the same way the world in Iron Man 3 was – first by a illusionary threat (the Mandarin, the Gay Agenda), only to find out that the real threat is something else much more frightening and dangerous – a threat that is built upon hatred, discrimination and most unfortunately and importantly, ignorance. The most chilling part to this narrative is that we have no Iron Man to save us when people start falling from great heights out of self-denial, bullying and fear the way the passengers fell in the movie.

Of course, that is mere speculation. The same way your idea of a Gay Agenda is mere imagination, that stems from most fundamentally, a fear of what you do not know. You seem to enjoy sharing the fact that you have many gay “”friends”” whom you work with in theatre and try to explain that we must “delineate the homosexual individuals from the homosexual agenda”.

It just seems particularly amusing and befuddling to me that you claim to have gay “”friends”” yet openly and repeatedly seek to condemn them for who they are. I cannot comprehend this and it seems hypocritical to me at best since there is, in reality, no Gay Agenda. Stop harbouring fear and spreading ignorance. Stop proclaiming that you have the “duty” to speak up for other Christian Singaporeans in the name of religious freedom – you said in your sermon that marriage was about the union of one man and one woman and the purpose of marriage was to have children. Then why are you targeting the homosexuals? What about those who divorced? Those who committed adultery? Those who are unable to have children or decide not to have children?

It does appear to me that if you spent more of your time preaching to them to procreate, to stop divorcing so easily and stay committed to one another, Singapore will surely be a better place and you could even help to resolve our demographic crisis through the word of God. Until then, stop standing up for some things your God said which you have a personal bias against and blatantly ignoring other things that might be unpopular among your congregation or for any other reason that I do not know. “

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