Daily Archives: 2012-08-28

That Dicey Question of National Identity

By Ghui – Patriotism and a sense of identifying with one’s “home” country are certainly not straightforward issues. This is especially not clear-cut in the age of globalisation. Singapore has seen its own share of immigration. Indeed, this is a worldwide phenomenon and immigration to Singapore is a sign that Singapore has joined the ranks of global cities, which are …

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Panasonic Singapore exploited us: foreign workers

By: Kumaran Pillai, Terry Xu & Leo Khaw – Chen (not her real name) paid S$3600 of her savings to an agent in promise of more money, better life and to escape from the communist regime of China. But now, she has found herself only the short end of the stick. She works for a meagre S$500 a month as …

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Post-Rally Ramblings

By Bertha Henson – Dear Prime Minister, You looked old. Sorry, but that was the first thing that came to my mind when I watched you on TV last night. I guess we’ve all grown old, just like Singapore. Now 47. We live better, yet are dis-contented. We should be happy, but we grumble all the time. We’re rich, but we …

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Singapore Press Holdings

Dr Yuen Chung Kwong Singapore Press Holdings and Mediacorp are the two major news organizations in Singapore. Mediacorp is a government owned corporation, while SPH is a listed company whose share holdings are widely distributed (a legal requirement forbidding any single shareholding being above a specified limit), but with a special provision for the government to appoint its senior executives, who in …

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