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“When the day is finished”

Kirsten Han / As a little girl (and even now), I loved listening to my grandfather’s stories of his childhood and old Singapore. In the telling of these stories, he would often mention his parents – how close he was to his mother and how the children were all intimidated by his father. I don’t know why, but it never actually …

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Lessons from Chiam See Tong

Chiam See Tong may belong to an older generation and the man may pass from the pages of Singapore’s history. But let us, the younger generation take to heart his deeds, and more importantly remember his lessons.

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What was it like ‘inside’? – Former ISA detainee Tan Jing Quee (1939-2011)

Former ISA detainee  Tan Jing Quee passed away from cancer on 14 June 2011. Mr Tan was arrested in 1963 under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for alleged pro-communist activities, and released in 1966. He was arrested again and detained for about three months in February 1977 under the ISA for allegedly joining a group to revive pro-communist activities here. Mr Tan always …

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Singapore behind Hong Kong and USA, both which have minimum wage – Tan Jee Say

Irene Shen/ Housing prices, healthcare costs and foreign labour policies dominate the Post Election Transformation Talk organized by The Online Citizen on 11 June. Its aim was to gather Singaporeans to talk about the transformations that were most desired.. The 3 hour talk, of which half was devoted to a Question-and-answer session, featured two guest speakers – The Online Ctizen’s …

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