Does PAP’s Desmond Choo agree with sexist example he recounted?

Report from the Straits Times. Emphasis ours:

PAP’s Desmond Choo outlines plans for Hougang

IN AN anecdote-strewn debut rally speech on Saturday night, People’s Action Party (PAP) candidate Desmond Choo detailed his plans and vision for the single-member constituency of Hougang.

The 33-year-old is up against the Workers’ Party’s Yaw Shin Leong, who is replacing Mr Low Thia Khiang as the WP candidate in Hougang.

Mr Choo spoke in Mandarin, English and Teochew, saying to laughter: ‘I’m your hao seh kia’ (young man)’.

For instance, he spoke in Teochew of meeting an old man who said that choosing an MP is like choosing a wife. ‘If your wife is unable to cook, there’s no point. You must choose a wife who is able to do things for you,’ he recounted.

Mr Choo told the rally programmes he had initiated in the last three months, including transport subsidies for students, healthcare subsidies and a low-cost traditional Chinese medical clinic for the elderly.

He said he would also help set up a job placement centre in the next three months, to match residents with jobs near their homes.

He asked residents to give him a chance: At the end of five years, ‘If the report card is all red, kick me out,’ he said.

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