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Court of Appeal: Yong Vui Kong’s case has no merit

Kirsten Han / The Court of Appeal, made up of Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong and Judges VK Rajah and Andrew Phang, have unanimously dismissed Yong Vui Kong’s appeal. Yong was appealing for a judicial review of the President’s powers in the clemency process and of Law Minister K Shanmugam’s comments. Shanmugam’s Comments At a community event in May 2010, …

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BREAKING NEWS: Court dismisses Yong Vui Kong’s appeal

BREAKING NEWS: In an unanimous verdict, Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong, Justice V K Rajah and Justice Andrew Phang dismissed Yong Vui Kong’s appeal, affirmed Steven Chong’s decision that the President has no discretion in clemency proceedings and that statements made by the Law Minister were not prejudicial to Yong’s case. Updates coming soon.

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Tin Pei Ling’s social mobility: the exception, not the norm

Jeffrey Lawrence Omar/ Faced with the possibility of actually voting for once and taking heed of the advice from our dear PM to “think carefully before you cast your vote.” I decided to take a look at the available information on the various electoral candidates. This endeavour has taken much longer than I had hoped for many reasons. First I …

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Save Atiqah – Second Chances Flea Market

The following was first posted at We Believe in Second Chances. In March 2011, Atiqah was sentenced to death by Shah Alam’s High Court. You can read her story here. Atiqah’s family believe that she is innocent, and are now campaigning to raise funds to get a second legal opinion as well as to raise awareness of her case. You can …

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Hear no Evil? The PAP and the politics behind Minimum Wage

This is an excerpt of an article published on Singapore 2025. Pritam Singh/   One concern of many Singaporeans lies in the immediate and long-term well being of our low-income workers, and the utility of measures the government may consider to reasonably protect or even inoculate them against the vagaries of business cycles, inflation and the rising cost of living in …

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Low Thia Khiang: Media fair so far but real test yet to come

Bhavan Jaipragas / Pictures by Han Thon Workers’ Party chief urges mainstream media to meet readers’ demands during GE or risk losing out to online portals The mainstream media has been competent in its coverage of the Workers’ Party in the run-up to the general election thus far. But the real test will be in how the media behave in …

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