Low Thia Khiang: Media fair so far but real test yet to come

Bhavan Jaipragas / Pictures by Han Thon

Workers’ Party chief urges mainstream media to meet readers’ demands during GE or risk losing out to online portals

The mainstream media has been competent in its coverage of the Workers’ Party in the run-up to the general election thus far.

But the real test will be in how the media behave in the critical period closer to the polls, according to Workers’ Party chief Low Thia Khiang.

Speaking to reporters after a walkabout in the Chong Pang market and food centre on Sunday morning, Mr Low said the mainstream media cannot afford gaps in its reporting during the election as the public can easily turn online for alternative news.

“If the traditional media don’t buck up and don’t be in tandem with the demands and expectations of the readers, you will lose your credibility,” he added.

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