PSD: “Civil servants may volunteer to serve in grassroots organisations”

With reference to a Straits Times  article on Saturday, 26 February that reported on the potential new candidates who may be fielded by the People’s Action Party (PAP), TOC’s Mr Andrew Loh wrote in on 27 February to the Public Service Division.

He asked for the PSD to explain to the public its stand regarding civil servants’ involvement in a political party, and their participation in its activities.

Mr Loh also called for further clarity and urged the PSD to state that “civil service is not and has not become a partisan political player.”

The following is the PSD’s reply:


Dear Mr Loh,

Your query of 27 Feb 2011 refers.

Civil servants may volunteer to serve in grassroots organisations as these provide opportunities to contribute to the community as well as understand ground issues. The Public Service Division is not in a position to comment on media speculation about potential political involvement.


Andy ONG
Manager, Communications & International Relations
Public Service Division, Prime Minister’s Office

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