Siew Kum Hong: Why I decided to join TOC

The following is a blog post written by Siew Kum Hong on 25 Jan 2011.


Yesterday afternoon, The Online Citizen sent a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office naming four people who will be responsible for the preparation and accuracy of TOC’s donation reports under the Political Donations Act. I am one of the four, together with Joshua Chiang, Leong Sze Hian and Ravi Philemon.

Apart from a poll that I helped TOC to conduct in 2008, I’ve never had any formal affiliation with TOC. But I know some of the TOC folks and have immense respect for all that they have done.

So when Ravi sent me an email on Thursday 20 Jan, asking if I was willing to have my name put down as one of the persons responsible for the preparation and accuracy of TOC’s donation reports, I had to think hard. I eventually agreed to do so, because I firmly believe in what TOC is trying to do, and also because I wanted to demonstrate support for TOC through this challenging period.

As of today, apart from the responsibilities around the donation reports, and also perhaps responsibilities around TOC’s with MDA as a political website, we’ve not discussed what other role I might have in/with TOC. For all we know, there may be nothing else. We’ll see how it goes. I’m looking forward to the ride.

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