A youth-led, youth-oriented campaign is being launched in Singapore, celebrating life and second chances.

Damien Chng and I (Kirsten Han) are currently working on a campaign targeting the youths of Singapore which will tie in with the campaign to save Yong Vui Kong, the 22-year-old boy on death row.

We want to focus on being young, enjoying life and being allowed to try again when we fail. We believe that just as we all have made mistakes and been forgiven, Vui Kong too should also have a second chance.

You can read more about Yong Vui Kong here: http://savevuikong.blogspot.com/p/yong-vui-kongs-journey.html

We are now on the lookout for young people – who believe that Vui Kong should be given a second  chance – to get involved with campaign.

We are also going to shoot a campaign video to raise awareness and get the ball rolling. We are looking for bands, breakdancers, artists, skateboarders, athletes, cheerleaders, etc. to feature in this short campaign video. We hope to shoot this video sometime in the week of 30 August – 5 September.

We also welcome any other youths who would like to help out with this campaign.

If you would like to get involved, or if you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch either by Facebook message, direct messaging on Twitter (@kixes), email ([email protected]) or via my blog (http://kixes.wordpress.com/). [I’m an Internet junkie so you can say that I am super-contactable.]

Please get in touch if you would like to be involved, and please share this message via any means you can (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, bebo, blogs, SMS, etc. etc.)

– Cheers, Kirsten

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