TOC turns two!

Hi everyone,

December 1 marks the second year of existence for The Online Citizen (TOC).

We would like to take this occasion to thank you, our readers, supporters and contributors.

This past one year saw TOC achieve several milestones because of your support. We crossed the two million mark this year. In fact, it was achieved this month and it took us less time to mark 1,000,000 this year as we only moved to this present site in April. We at TOC would like to say a big THANK YOU to you. (By the way, for our new readers and those who miss our old site, it is still available. Click here.)

This year also saw a record number – for TOC – of new members and contributors. They range from students to professionals to retirees. Every one of them shares the credit for what TOC is today.

Going forward into 2009, we have lined up several new projects and will introduce them in a month or two. To whet your appetite, TOC will have a talk show (on video) hosted by two very young students, and a new International team, which we have named TOC International. These are just two of the new initiatives we will feature on this site in the new year, amongst others.

So do look out for them.

TOC will always belong to you, our guests and readers. Without you, TOC will fold in an instant. So, please do continue to give your support to this very very young endeavour. With you behind the TOC team, we together will achieve new milestones and, more importantly, take socio-political discourse to a new level in Singapore, our beloved country.

To mark this occasion, TOC will be holding an event at Speakers’ Corner this Saturday, December 6. It starts at 5pm and ends at 7pm. The theme for the day is “Social Justice and Fairness” with a focus on the poor and the needy. The reason for this focus is this: the poor, needy and less-abled are the Singaporeans whom TOC will always speak out for – especially at this time when we begin the season of giving and sharing of Christmas. This Saturday’s event is also in conjunction with U60’s celebration of the 60th year of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

So, do join us on Saturday.

Again, on behalf of the editors, writers, photographers, videographers, citizen journalists and contributors of TOC, THANK YOU!


Andrew Loh

Deputy Editor


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