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A Singaporean problem? Or a gay one?

The Government must take steps to protect the gay community from itself. By Ashutosh Ravikrishnan SINGAPORE — On Tuesday (June 14), Singapore’s Minister for Home Affairs K Shanmugam uttered the little heard G-word (gay, not Government) after the horrific shootings in Orlando over the weekend. In a short interview with reporters, he settled the question once and for all: The …

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Polyclinics up consultation fees from 1 July

The consultation fees at the 18 polyclinics around Singapore have been increased from 1 July. The two groups which oversee the clinics, Singhealth and National Healthcare Group (NHG), have updated  their websites with the new charges Over at Singhealth, consultation fees are up between $0.40 and $2.90. For Singaporean adults, it is up by $0.80 cents – from $11.00 to …

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