Lee Hsien Yang: “Ministers Shan and Vivian are demanding that I lie in a public apology”

Lee Hsien Yang said in a Facebook post on Monday that Ministers Shamugam and Vivian Balakrishnan are demanding that he lie in a public apology.

Netizens call for Commission of Inquiry into death of Sergeant Uvaraja: Racial discrimination, bullying, and corruption alleged

In the wake of Sgt Uvaraja S/0 Gopal’s death, many online users have called for an independent investigation on Minister K Shanmugam’s Facebook page into his accusations of workplace discrimination, bullying, and corruption within Singapore Police Force. Public criticism swells as dissatisfaction with the Internal Affairs Office’s (IAO) lack of transparency and accountability becomes apparent. Meanwhile, the removed Facebook post that had raised critical questions about SPF’s work culture intensifies the calls for a robust, independent inquiry.

Mr Shanmugam sacrificed by earning ‘at least S$100 million lesser’ since entering politics, claims former MP Lee Bee Wah

Former People’s Action Party MP Lee Bee Wah staunchly defended Minister K Shanmugam by saying he made sacrifices to serve the people, by earning “at least S$100 million lesser’ since entering politics. She asserted in a Facebook video that he was facing unjust criticism regarding the rental of the state-owned black-and-white bungalows which he rented out from Singapore Land Authority Furthermore, she firmly believes that the Ridoutgate issue was “waste the time of our national leaders” for discussion in Parliament.

Ridout minister predicted that Singapore “will never be the same” without Lee Kuan Yew

Opinion: Post-Lee Kuan Yew’s era, Singapore has witnessed dramatic changes, including numerous scandals and controversies, and an apparent drift from the zero tolerance against corruption policy, marking a departure from the country’s prior decisive leadership.

Ho Ching’s natural appeal pitch for B&W houses contrasts with Ministers’ extensive greenery clearance

While Ho Ching highlighted the appeal of B&W houses’ natural setting despite its humble amenities, Ministers Shanmugam and Balakrishnan’s extensive clearance of their rented property’s greenery presents a conflicting scenario.

Are Ministers K Shanmugam and Vivian Balakrishnan abusing the delivery of Ministerial Statements for their personal defence in Parliament?

Opinion: In a twist of irony, it seems that Ministers K Shanmugam and Vivian Balakrishnan could be abusing their positions by using ministerial statements in Parliament to personally defend themselves against allegations.

Four Singapore ministers to address Parliament on Ridout Road rental saga

Four top Singaporean ministers will deliver joint ministerial statements on the rental of two bungalows on Ridout Road in an upcoming Parliament session, following CPIB and Senior Minister Teo Chee Hean’s reports, which cleared them of any wrongdoing.

SLA’s million-dollar refurbishment of ministers’ houses at Ridout Road: Economically justifiable and politically defensible?

The report on the Ridout Road rentals by two Singapore ministers unveiled extensive SLA refurbishment costs, surpassing two years of rent collected and raising questions about financial viability. These arrangements seemingly contradict the Ministers’ Code of Conduct’s spirit, warning against any apparent conflict of interest.

RSF demands Singapore’s minister K. Shanmugam withdraw ‘correction instructions’ on Asia Sentinel

RSF criticizes Singapore’s blocking of California-based Asia Sentinel, highlighting government’s increasing control over media and controversial use of the Prevention From Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act.

K Shanmugam defends Tharman’s bid for presidential candidacy amid concerns over political pluralism

K Shanmugam, Law and Home Affairs Minister, staunchly defended Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s presidential candidacy amid debates about political diversity, asserting that the strength of a candidate and their connection with the ruling party shouldn’t undermine the essence of political pluralism. “Does that become the PAP’s fault that he’s a strong candidate? I think some things are probably properly laid at our door and some things I think we shouldn’t be responsible for. Good candidate comes forward. Well, that’s pluralism. And, you know, Singapore has other good candidates.”