Gen Y Speaks ‘woke’ article saga: There is a line that connects such dehumanising language to hate speech, says Sudhir Vadaketh

The recent controversial op-ed written by National University of Singapore (NUS) student Dana Teoh contains language that is “clearly dangerous to a vulnerable minority group” even though it seems to have been written without malicious intent, said journalist and writer Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh in a Facebook post on Tuesday (16 Mar). The said article was published … Read more

NUS releases statement in solidarity with Dana Teoh on ‘wokeism’ and ‘cancel culture’

An article published by TODAY earlier on Sunday (14 Mar) – titled ‘Gen Y Speaks: This is why I don’t want to be woke. Don’t cancel me for it‘ – argued that billionaire author J.K Rowling of Harry Potter fame’s “fall from grace” is an example of the dangers of “wokeism” and “cancel culture”. This … Read more