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To facilitate easier access to all the reports, commentaries, pictures and videos in the Aware saga, we have consolidated all our content on Aware in this thread.

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Here is TOC’s video filmed at the event. Further videos will be up on TOC later. More videos of the Aware EGM can be viewed on TOC’s Youtube page here.


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TOC Developing Story – Thio Su Mien comes out

From the blog of Ovidia Yu:

Thio Su Mien is publicly out as part of the new Aware ExCo takeover team now.

I deleted the post I was preparing on how Aware could/might/should try to work it out together for the best of all women in Singapore–it’s not going to happen.

Oh–and I hear they’ve fired the center manager tonight (paid staff who was not involved in the elections)

And changed the locks–apparently you’ll need special hi tech pass cards to get in–very different from being a welcoming place for all women to come to help & be helped right?

The press are there, so watch out for statement in papers tomorrow!

Note: Dr. Thio Su Mien, is a former Dean of the Faculty of Law of the National University of Singapore (NUS) and presently Senior Executive Director of TSMP Law Corporation; her brother, Thio Shen Yi, is Joint Managing Director of the same law firm.

Clarification from Ms Ovidia Yu: Thio Shen Yi is Thio Su Mien’s son not brother. Shen Yi and Thio Li Ann are siblings.

From Channel NewsAsia:

Showdown at AWARE office over lock change by new exco

SINGAPORE: It was a tense atmosphere at the AWARE office on Thursday evening as members of the old guard tried to prevent the new executive committee from changing the locks at the office. 

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