To facilitate easier access to all the reports, commentaries, pictures and videos in the Aware saga, we have consolidated all our content on Aware in this thread.

For all the videos on the saga, please visit TOC’s YouTube page here. For background stories to the saga, visit TOC’s Facebook page here.

Here is TOC’s video filmed at the event. Further videos will be up on TOC later. More videos of the Aware EGM can be viewed on TOC’s Youtube page here.


Extraordinary General Meeting

TOC “live” report: Aware EOGM – the early crowd

More than a thousand turn up for Aware EOGM

Chaos – “Shut up and sit down” (video)

Aware members demand: “Account for our money!”

Josie Lau and team resign from executive committee

Voted out but still willing to contribute

New Aware president Dana Lam’s first message to members


Other reports:

Takeover of AWARE – “Please sit up and pay attention.”

Aware’s sex education programme – the concerns

Church of Our Saviour clarifies “allegations”

“Aware belongs to you,” says Josie Lau

MOE replies to questions about AWARE’s CSE programme


TOC Opinions & reports;

DBS exec is Aware’s head

TOC Report: 150 call for vote of no confidence

Dr Thio Su Mien’s press conference

Lawyer’s key role in coup

Josie Lau’s interview leaves questions unanswered

TOC Latest: DBS “disappointed” with Josie Lau’s disregard for staff Code of Conduct

Constance Singam: “That trust is gone.”

TOC Exclusive: Constance Singam’s letter to AWARE, in full

AWARE veterans set the record straight

BREAKING NEWS: Staff sent out email asking members to vote at Aware EOGM

TOC Perspectives: Views on AWARE

Care about AWARE: Leaders we respect

For much is at stake

AWARE: Lessons from a fiasco

The government’s strategic intervention in the Aware saga


Aware EOGM – Damien Chng’s photos

Aware by Damien Chng

Kenneth Tham @ Aware – Part 1

Kenneth Tham @ Aware – Part 2

Reports from local mainstream media carried by TOC

Josie Lau’s first television interview

Letter criticises TOC for use of “divisive labels” in article

Pastor Derek Hong apologises for misusing pulpit

NCCS’ stand on Aware a “responsible” one, says DPM Wong

Police steps in to stop Aware from holding EOGM at Expo


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