Look out for people “who are pushing too far”

We must look out for indications, of people who are pushing too…

TOC Editorial: Keep Kum Hong

His record speaks for itself. TOC Editorial.

Aware saga: Calm down and move on, says DPM Wong Kan Seng

“The EOGM was an emotional meeting with many heated exchanges. It was not a model of calm deliberation and patient consensus building.”

Letters of praise and criticism – and one to two ministers about TOC

“I urged our dear Ministers to do something to stop these unscrupulous people in TOC from conveniently using religion for their own gain in solidifying influence at the expense of our harmonious society,” said one letter addressed to two ministers.

KRC – Upfront: with Dr. Gwee Li Sui

Kent Ridge Common speaks with NUS Asst Professor on Aware saga and implications.

A Christian woman’s take on the Aware saga

The AWARE debacle has demonstrated that apathy does not guarantee safety, but rather invites vulnerability. It would be a huge pity for Singaporeans to forget all they have done in defence of one precious civil society organisation, and rest on their laurels. By Scholar-at-Large.

The suspension of reason

Half-truths and innuendos have sunk a worthy programme. TOC Editorial.

Comprehensive sex education programme suspended

In view of the contents of the manual, Aware’s programmes will be…

Siew Kum Hong’s personal take on Aware EGM

“It was clear from the outset that the ousted Exco was trying to create a tilted playing field.”

The government’s strategic intervention in the Aware saga

Govt’s message: Don’t get too worked up and unwittingly end up dividing Singapore. PN Balji.