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Look out for people “who are pushing too far”

We must look out for indications, of people who are pushing too far, who test the limits. All stakeholders – parents, schools and individuals – have to remind themselves and one another of the need for a secular space. Second Minister for Finance and Transport Lim Hwee Hua

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A Christian woman’s take on the Aware saga

The AWARE debacle has demonstrated that apathy does not guarantee safety, but rather invites vulnerability. It would be a huge pity for Singaporeans to forget all they have done in defence of one precious civil society organisation, and rest on their laurels. By Scholar-at-Large.

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Comprehensive sex education programme suspended

In view of the contents of the manual, Aware’s programmes will be suspended in schools and subject to the new vetting processes. Ministry of Education MOE Statement on Sexuality Education Programme 1. In recent weeks, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has received feedback on the Sexuality Education Programme conducted by AWARE, as well as other lesson material not involving AWARE. …

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