Kent Ridge Common speaks with NUS Asst Professor on Aware saga and implications.

KRC – Upfront: with Dr. Gwee Li Sui

Dr Gwee came into prominence at the height of the AWARE saga when his written notes on the topic were widely publicized. In his writings, he provided from the Christian perspective an opposition voice to the religious-motivated infiltration of AWARE by a group of like-minded individuals from the Church of Our Saviour. The Kent Ridge Common is indeed honored to feature an email interview with Dr Gwee.

Allowing the space for others to believe differently is thus not just something one should welcome: it also brings with it benefits to one’s own belief system. For example, if I lived in a religiously homogeneous community, what would I have learnt about my fear of difference and my need to defeat fear with love? Also consider how a pluralistic space can enable me to have faith more radically or, rather, more purely. If religion is the business of one’s soul, what secularism allows is the work of clarity to be pursued individually from within and not by a convenient definition against something or someone else. One becomes a more inwardly involved and more focused believer.

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