PN Balji / Picture by Damien Chng

In a different time and under a different political leadership, the acrimonious public tussle for the leadership of Aware would have seen the knocking of some heads and the twisting of some arms.

Thank God that did not happen, though the ingredients for such a direct government intervention were all there: A well-planned plot to grab power at the 25-year-old women’s organisation, the new guard’s reluctance to engage the public fully about their intentions, the positioning of the debate as an issue between the pro- and anti-gay lobbies and finally the unfortunate use of the pulpit to influence last weekend’s fight-back for power by the old guard.

The government’s instincts must have been to step in, what with some media reports suggesting that such an intervention might be necessary.

Instead, we saw what I would call strategic intervention by government leaders, from DPM Teo Chee Hean downwards, drawing some kind of out-of-bound markers. Don’t push your views too hard, don’t forget we are a secular society and go for a “rainbow coalition” approach to settle issues.

Underpinning these statements — which the media took some pains to show were made at the sidelines of functions the ministers were attending or (at least in one case) in an email interview — was a clear signal to the warring parties not to get too worked up and unwittingly end up dividing Singapore.

Still, things could have gone all wrong — if these events had not taken place:

One, the coming out into the open of the new guard’s inspiration and motivator, Thio Su Mien. The timing is important here. Coming just nine days before the extraordinary general meeting that was called to seek a vote of no-confidence in her team and just one day before three ministers spoke on the issue, Ms Thio’s appearance at a quickly-arranged press conference addressed two missing links in the story: Who was really behind the move to capture power and what was the insurgents’ real agenda.

Miss Thio said clearly and forcefully that Aware had lost sight of its mission by focusing on lesbianism and homosexuality. She zeroed in on Aware’s sexuality programme in 30 schools and asked somewhat dramatically, like a lawyer would have done in arguing her case: Are we going to have an entire generation of lesbians?

The press conference must have eased the anxiety of a government that has made its stand clear on why those who want to provide leadership and mentorship for civil society groups must do so openly and declare their intentions explicitly. 

The Thio story is not over, though. With the Ministry of Education saying it will want to get more information from her on the feedback she claimed to have received from parents on Aware’s talks in schools, a fringe debate is on the cards.  

Two, the National Council of Churches of Singapore’s statement that churches should not get dragged into the affairs of other organisations, followed quickly by a “I stand corrected” apology by Pastor Derek Hong.

Pastor’s Hong’s use of the pulpit to campaign for the insurgents would have provided a good reason for direct government intervention. Instead, the council stepped in, rightly so, and gave the priest no wriggle room but to tell Singaporeans categorically that it was a grave mistake to politicise the pulpit.

Finally, the savvy move by the police to get the Singapore Expo not to say yes to the holding of the weekend meeting at its Changi venue. This was the closest the government came to intervention.

With a large Christian conference taking place at the same place and time, the police move avoided what could have turned out to be a very ugly affair sparking a government crackdown.

That would have set civil society and the country back many years. Thank God it didn’t turn out that way.         

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人力部收入保障政策司司长沈丰吉指出,我国政府在财政预算案配套下,拨出637亿新元来协助受到冠状病毒疫情影响的企业、家庭和居民,因此促请公积金会员尽量不要动用到公积金户口内的存款。 一名《海峡时报》读者Dendroff Terance William,询问是否能从公积金局户口提款5000新元,以度过目前的经济危机。 对此沈丰吉指出,政府透过坚韧团结、团结和同舟共济这三份财政预算案拨款,更透过各层次协助受影响的企业、家庭和个人。 企业方面,政府加强了雇佣补贴配套(Jobs Support Scheme),协助企业留住本地员工,补贴在职员工本月薪资的首4600新元,长达九个月。 家庭方面,也获得关怀与援助配套援助,其中包括给予所有成年新加坡人的一次性现金入息、以及给予年长者或未成年子女的父母额外补贴。 低收入家庭可通过就业入息特别补助和必需品补助券,而失业或收入受到大幅度影响地国人,也能透过短期援助基金、冠状病毒援助基金以及自雇人士收入辅助计划申请辅助。 沈丰吉表示,只要不动用到基本存款和全额存款的资金,目前所有55岁以上的中央公积金(CPF)会员,都可以从其普通户口和特殊户口中取出5000元或更多的现金,来度过目前的困境。然而,他并不鼓励人们这么做。 他指出,政府认为,任何公积金领出政策的变动,都会影响到国人的退休储蓄能力,因此促请会员们使用其他方式来度过目前的经济危机。…

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Lawyer and political activist, Lim Tean has posted a video of him speaking…


为逮捕在禁烟区抽烟的嫌犯,环境局出动多种监视行动,甚至大阵仗在组屋附近部署热感摄像机(thermal camera),最终成功确认嫌犯身份,致函要求对方协助调查。 据《今日报》报导指出,环境局自今年2月起就陆续受到来自勿洛组屋居民的投诉,多达13封投诉信函中纷纷指出,有人在该组屋的公共走廊-禁烟区抽烟。因此居民们致函,促请该局彻查。 环境局针对有关投诉采取多轮监视行动,包括采用热感摄像机。其发言人在一份声明中指出,透过部署热感摄像机,他们看到一名人士在有关走廊抽烟,次数多达12次。 因此该局于本月6日致函相关人士,即承租在勿洛蓄水池路,第620座组屋单位的嫌犯,要求他到该局协助展开调查。 信件中也表明已经获得录像信息,显示“有人在禁烟区的走廊抽烟”、“并且从该单位出入”,甚至还列明了发生在4月11日至14日的时段。 当局提醒人们,吸烟者不应该在禁烟区抽烟,而组屋底层、走廊和电梯都属于禁烟区,并表示会继续对付违例者。 凡是在禁烟区吸烟者,将会被罚款200元,而一旦被法庭定罪,则可能被罚款不超过1000元。 在禁烟区部署多达70次 环境局自今年开始,已经采取热感摄像机在加强监督执法行为,并且部署在包括住宅区、禁烟区和其他“投报旺区”多达70次。 热感摄像机可检测释放出高温的物体,捕捉吸烟的图像。 而为了确保不侵犯到居民和公众的隐私,当局也设立严格规定,包括仅有授权的环境局人员和供应商可查看并处理录像视频。有关的录像视频,也只用于官方用途,而没有违规的录像视频,将在三个月后被摧毁。…