A Christian woman’s take on the Aware saga

The AWARE debacle has demonstrated that apathy does not guarantee safety, but rather invites vulnerability. It would be a huge pity for Singaporeans to forget all they have done in defence of one precious civil society organisation, and rest on their laurels. By Scholar-at-Large.

The government’s strategic intervention in the Aware saga

Govt’s message: Don’t get too worked up and unwittingly end up dividing Singapore. PN Balji.

AWARE: Lessons from a fiasco

The Aware saga provided at least three lessons to reflect on. Cherian George.

All about Aware

Looking for TOC’s reports, pictures and videos on Aware? It’s all here. To facilitate easier access to all the reports, commentaries, pictures and videos in the Aware saga, we have consolidated all our content on Aware in this thread.

MOE replies to questions about AWARE’s CSE programme

Schools must ensure programmes run by external agencies are secular and sensitive to the multi-religious make-up of our society, says MOE.

‘Opposition’ versus ‘ruling’ party on 2nd May and a simulation for the next General Elections

KRC on AWARE’s EOGM this Saturday.

AWARE saga not a national dispute, says Lim Hwee Hua

This is not a national dispute and should not upset the balance…

AWARE veterans set the record straight

AWARE’s founding principle was based on inclusiveness, says old guards. Darren Boon.

TOC Breaking News: Old Aware exco holds press conference, calls new Aware “moral vigilantes”

TOC‘s “live” reports from AWARE old guards’ press conference.

Dr Thio Su Mien’s press conference

New Guard highlights fear of homosexual agenda. Choo Zheng Xi .