From The Kent Ridge Common

SINGAPORE – The momentum is gradually gathering prior to the AWARE EOGM showdown on 2nd May. Although the clouds of uncertainty still hang over the horizon, there is always the silver lining that we can take comfort in – a defining moment for the online community who is concerned with this issue.

The events that transpired started with a team of virtual unknowns’ election to AWARE’s exco. This unknown team is effectively the current ‘ruling’ party, while the old guards of AWARE has become an ‘opposition’ party. And it seems that this ‘ruling’ party has become all-too-familiar in terms of lacking in transparency, especially when confronted with questions regarding their objectives. They followed up with draconian methods such as exclusion of the past president from meetings, purging of the old guards’ colleagues from their positions and lastly, changing the office locks to prevent anyone whom they found undesirable from accessing the office. The ‘ruling’ party has the backing and assistance of a mentor too!

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