From Siew Kum Hong’s blog:

First and foremost, I walked away from the EGM proud to be Singaporean. I saw the result as an affirmation of the values that we hold dear (openness, transparency, inclusiveness, diversity and secularism) and a rejection of those that, well, we should not (dishonesty, non-transparency, exclusiveness, intolerance, divisiveness and oppression/bullying).

While I do not see the EGM as a watershed or a pivotal moment signalling any sort of significant change in Singapore politics (as at least one journalist has tried to posit to me), it does stand as a milestone marking some sort of progress towards a more active and passionate civil society. The willingness of all these people to stand up and be counted, to invest all that time and effort for a cause that they believed in, gave me hope that Singaporeans are not as passive or apathetic as we are often said to be, and that it really takes the right cause to spark us into action.

Read the full write-up here.

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昨日(27日),卫生部证实一名就读莱佛士书院12岁学生确诊患上武汉冠状病毒(COVID-19)。这也致使该校须关闭一天进行消毒,曾与学生接触的师生都必须领14天缺席假。 对此人民之声党主席林鼎律师,促请教育部长王乙康考量到疫情传播的影响,应指示学校停课。 他形容王乙康似乎作出“糟糕判断”,也强调人民之声过去几周都一再作出应立即停课以作防范的呼吁。 他举例,本月7日一名42岁在维多利亚初级学院工作的女子确诊(第32例);之后再有两名学前班的兄妹,因为曾与一名确诊亲戚接触,被命令必须在家隔离,就连幼园也必须进行消毒工作。 本月9日,一名71岁新加坡公民(第41例)确诊,入院前,上述男子曾到访卫理公会巴耶黎峇堂、参加布莱德岭居委会的聚会。以及前往高文一带的Pat’s Schoolhouse接孙子。 上周,24岁的新加坡理工大学(SIT)学生(第86起病例)确诊。他也是理工大学首位感染的学生。 林鼎补充,即便日本首相也在昨日宣布日本将停课。他认为,有鉴于师生几乎每日都有接触,校园可能有很高的传播风险。 “你认为那些已宣布停课的地区如香港、越南和日本,都是傻的?” 他抨击王乙康不该只是被动地对疫情作出反应。既然已有师生感染,就应该惟师生的安全着想。

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