The editors of The Online Citizen – Choo Zheng Xi, Andrew Loh and Terence Lee – would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the volunteers and members who helped cover the AWARE EOGM at Suntec City, 2 May, Saturday.

It was a challenging and tiring experience for everyone involved because of the scale of the event and the long hours involved.

The editors would like to express special thanks to the following people:

Jonathan Koh (reporter)
Khairulanwar (reporter)
Deborah Choo (reporter, photographer, video host)
Bernard Chen (reporter, volunteer)
Chetam Rogbeer (reporter, volunteer)
Kamilul Ashraf Kamsani (reporter, volunteer)
Lee Song Kwang (reporter)
Koh Yi Na (reporter)
Kenneth Tham (photographer, volunteer)
Mervyn Lee (videographer)
Damien Chng (photographer)
Boris Chan (photographer, videographer)

The TOC “AWARE” Team



Khairulanwar and Terence Lee ignoring each other – for a good cause!


TOC Chief Zheng Xi putting his brains to good use
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