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DPM’s promise for a clean campaign broken: PAP Smear in full swing

On Nomination day, DPM Tharman and Dr Paul Tambyah were spotted chatting and shaking hands. In an interview with TOC, Dr Paul revealed that during the conversation, the DPM gave him his word to have a clean campaign. Just over three days since that conversation, that promise seems to have been broken. To his credit, it wasn’t him but his …

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GE 2015: Could there have been any other result?

By Dr Chee Soon Juan I wrote a couple of weeks prior to the last GE that come day-after-polling, the PAP will declare victory and, thereafter, it will be one-party-rule-as-usual. I also pointed out, which I have done countless of times before, that the electoral process in Singapore facilitates one and only one outcome: PAP victory. There can be no other. …

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SDP to publish new book on Chee Soon Juan

Singapore Democratic Party’s press release on the publication of a new book of its Secretary-General Chee Soon Juan in end March. The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) is proud to announce the publication of a new book about party Secretary-General Chee Soon Juan. The book, entitled, Thinker Teacher Rebel Why? Portraits of Chee Soon Juan is a set of reflections on Dr Chee. …

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Dr Chee rebuts on pandering to the editorial tastes of the Western media

Secretary General of Singapore Democratic Party, Dr Chee Soon Juan rebuts Singapore’s government reply on his article on Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and remarked that it is unfair to say that he pander to the editorial taste of the Western media. In his op-ed on WSJ, “A New Vision for Singapore“, Dr Chee wrote that it is shameful that the state where …

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