Red Dot United marks third anniversary with a gala of gratitude and commitment

Red Dot United marks third anniversary with a gala of gratitude and commitment

Celebrating its third milestone year, the Red Dot United (RDU) held its star-studded Anniversary Gala Dinner at Mouth Restaurant on Maxwell Road last Saturday (24 Jun), marking the occasion with a commitment to creating a more compassionate society.

As a significant fundraising event for the RDU, the gala exceeded expectations with all 160 seats fully reserved prior to their official release, thanks to the generous support from donors and sponsors. The event also featured a successful auction, raising several thousand dollars in support of the party’s mission.

RDU Chairman, Dr David Foo, extended a heartfelt thank you to the donors and sponsors for their invaluable contributions, attributing the success of the gala to their generous support and belief in the party’s cause. He also emphasised the importance of RDU’s unexpected emergence in the political landscape, despite uncertainties faced since its inception during the last General Election.

The importance of grassroots initiatives and robust governance institutions was underscored by RDU’s Secretary General, Mr Ravi Philemon, citing a Chinese proverb: “花无百日红,人无千日好” – indicating that sustained goodness is not solely reliant on willpower.

To safeguard against potential abuses of power, Mr Philemon emphasised the imperative of strong, rules-based institutions as essential checks and balances.

Mr Philemon, in his speech at the fundraising dinner, also said, “In Singapore, politics without the three ‘Vitamin Ms’— ‘Money’, ‘Manpower’, and ‘Mobilisation’ (the ability to organise) — is an arduous endeavour. It is our members and volunteers who have provided us with strength, acting as our vital sources of energy and commitment. To each and every one of them, we are profoundly thankful.”

In addition to inspirational speeches, the gala also featured a thrilling lucky draw, courtesy of the generous donors who sponsored an array of exciting prizes. Ms Wendy Low, Head of Progress Singapore Party’s Women’s Wing, was among the lucky recipients.

The gala served as a platform to honour individuals for their significant contributions to Singapore’s socio-political landscape. The prestigious “Visionary Opposition Leader” award was conferred to Dr Chee Soon Juan for his progressive vision and unwavering dedication to creating a more equitable society.

The distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award was bestowed upon Mr Chiam See Tong, former Secretary General of the Singapore People’s Party and Member of Parliament for Potong Pasir SMC.

His wife, Mrs Lina Chiam, a former Non-Consituency Member of Parliament, received the award on his behalf as Mr Chiam was unable to attend the event.

Several members of the opposition parties, including Dr Chee Soon Juan of the Singapore Democratic Party and Mr Desmond Lim from the Singapore Democratic Alliance, attended the gala, signifying a broader unity among the opposition in Singapore.

The event concluded with RDU reiterating its commitment to a compassionate society and recognizing the role of all its supporters in this shared journey. With their ongoing efforts, RDU continues to influence the political discourse and contribute to the betterment of Singaporean society.

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