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PERAK, MALAYSIA — The Kampar Hospital in Perak, Malaysia has stated that it has never denied treatment to patients who do not comply with its dress code, following an incident involving a young woman who was denied entry to the hospital because she was wearing a pair of shorts.

The incident was first reported by Facebook user Damien Chan, who alleged that his female friend was denied entry to the hospital for treatment due to her attire.

The woman in her early 20s went to the Kampar Hospital’s emergency unit with severe stomach pains, but a staff member informed her and her friends that she could not enter due to wearing shorts.

They were forced to leave and retrieve long pants before she could enter. The woman later returned with a friend, registered and sought treatment from a doctor.

Following the incident, the hospital director, Dr Khairul Azha Azam, issued a statement saying that the hospital had never denied treatment to patients who do not comply with its dress code.

Dr Khairul added that the incident was being investigated and the staff member involved had been reprimanded for his actions.

He said that all patients seeking treatment at the hospital would be attended to in any situation, especially during emergencies.

The incident went viral on social media, prompting an outpouring of outrage and calls for action.

Malaysia’s Health Minister Dr Zaliha Mustafa tweeted that every patient should be given treatment regardless of race, ethnicity or dress code. “The Hippocratic Oath pledged by doctors and medical practitioners includes the willingness to help patients as best as possible,” she added.

Perak health committee chairman A. Sivanesan earlier confirmed that he was unsure if the hospital had any standing instructions or dress code for patients, and that he had not met the woman to confirm what she was wearing at the time.

He stated that he was not happy with the response from the hospital and may visit the hospital soon to find out what happened.

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