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Neo-Feudalism in modern Singapore

by Brad Bowyer

There are many more topics on the failings of the People’s Action Party (PAP) and the domestic challenges we face that they are trying to distract us from that I could cover but I thought I would finish this week’s series of articles with a note on the little-known history of the PAP.

Next week I will go back to commentary on what’s happening relating to Singapore and will begin a series on what I think are solutions to the many problems we face. I hope you will continue to like and share my ideas and send me your comments and thoughts. A collective mind is far more powerful than a single one. This is actually at the foundation of the much vaunted Swiss System and Standard of Living we hear about but never see (another broken promise).

So to the topic at hand.

The first thing most people do not know about the PAP is that it was built on very socialist foundations. Many of the early pioneers were heavily influenced by Harold Laski, the guru of the growing labour party in the UK and the ideals being espoused by the Fabian Society of doing good and reforming the old elitist models to societies that care for all its members. It was only when the far right of the party under Lee Kuan Yew ousted them, tied up with the Rothschilds and the Globalists and began following radical Neo Liberal policies did it start morphing in to the Nepotistic fascist dictatorship with claims of being “Natural Aristocrats” that we see today.

And by the way the definition of an Aristocracy is “the highest class in certain societies, typically comprising people of noble birth holding hereditary titles and offices”. Note it is not the “Best by Merit” who belong but inherited by birth, exactly what we see in the PAP ranks today. Well that and a healthy dose of cronyism along with the aforementioned rampant nepotism.

The second fact most miss, is that Singapore’s early success was built not by the PAP itself but on a foundation laid by the British in the administrative preparation and a UN economic development plan.

For many years the British were preparing the handover of Singapore to local rule in fact all the way from the 1940’s up until the actual handover. Over a decade was spent to put and refine all the organs of state and administration in to place to make the transition as easy as possible. The PAP were thoroughly schooled in this so all they had to do was inherit the system (much as any new government today would taking over the existing national infrastructure).

On top of the administrative preparation an economic study was begun in 1961 under the United Nations headed by Dutch economist Albert Winsemius. He proposed an industrialisation program for Singapore which had at its heart a program to provide job and training for locals and leverage international expertise but transfer the skills and not make the foreign experts a permanent part of the workforce.

Extracting from his Wikipedia entry, we can see that right up until his retirement in 1983 he was a large driving force in our economic development. As the article states:-

“During his term as Chief Economic Advisor from 1961 to 1984, Dr Winsemius worked closely with Lee Kuan Yew, Goh Keng Swee, Hon Sui Sen and later with Goh Chok Tong. He visited the country two or three times a year to review economic performance indicators and to discuss macro-economic strategy with government planners

In the 1970s, Singapore was upgrading its industrial capacity to use higher technological methods, including electronics. He personally went to persuade large Dutch electronics companies like Philips to set up production plants in Singapore. He also proposed that Singapore could be developed as a financial centre, as well as an international centre for air traffic and sea transport.”

The challenge we have is that after the early 80’s, especially once the “Natural Aristocracy” took over, we no longer have had such strong advisors and our own “leaders” were devoid of ideas except towing the Neo-Liberal line but did have huge egos where they falsely believe that they were both entitled and knew what they were doing when they neither is true.

Neo-liberalism, or to be more accurate Neo-Feudalism is being rejected around the world. All the proponents of it are falling as the people soundly reject the idea. In the age of information governance and economic and public policy reminiscent of those present in many feudal societies in the past run by kings and lords, only now it is of the Rich, by the Rich and for the Corporations not the people, can no longer hide behind a pretence of democracy and is rightly being called out.

Singapore is one of the last bastions of this dying ideology and we can see our “Aristocrats” getting rightly scared that the people are realising their true nature and are desperately doing everything they can to shut down and obstruct our awakening.

They are not the best and brightest in our society they are just the self-entitled and they are leading us to ruin. They could step aside, and let better men and women step up and fix our country but they are stubbornly refusing to do this and are now endangering us all with their politicking and leveraging of national and security issues in a last-ditch attempt to stay.

I hope as a nation we can look closely at our nations real history and learn from it. We were built on the hard work, dedication and abilities of the many immigrants who flocked here to make new lives. We did it under the leadership of men of ideals who worked hard for the good of the people and the country and not themselves and foreign benefactors. Now, being as highly educated as we are, we have a much vaster pool of talent to draw from to take Singapore in to the future. We just need to remove those who would obstruct us and our future for their own selfish and undeserving benefit first.

Do your own research and don’t be afraid to speak out. We are all responsible for our future. Remember if we do not have a plan for ourselves the “Men-In-White” certainly do and its not for our good at all.

This was first published on Mr Bowyer’s fanpage and reproduced with permission.