Source: ET Tech

Go-Jek to launch beta app in Singapore before the end of December

Commuters may expect to have more choices in e-hailing service providers in the very near future as Jakarta-based ride-hailing platform Go-Jek enters the Singapore market with its beta mobile application before the end of this year.

Speaking to reporters after a casual discussion at the Singapore Fintech Festival on Wednesday (14 Nov), Go-Jek president Andre Soelistyo revealed that the beta app will be launched in Singapore before 25 Dec.

Noting the demand in Singapore, Mr Soelistyo expressed his excitement regarding Go-Jek’s entry into Singapore.

Prior to its entry into the Singapore market, Go-Jek has put several measures in place to strengthen its foundations in the Republic such as partnering with DBS Bank to offer payment services in order to ease drivers’ process of claiming payment upon the completion of rides, and recruiting drivers through a pre-registration portal at the end of last month.

Previously in May, the Indonesian firm announced its plans to invest US$500 million (S$671 million) as a part of its strategy to penetrate the markets of several Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, having recently pulled in US$1.5 billion in funding.

Go-Jek made its first foray outside Indonesia through its entry into the Vietnamese market, before expanding to Singapore and — following the Republic — to Thailand.