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From Pioneer to Merdeka to potentially Majullah Generation Package: The floodgates are opened and who bears the burden?

The more cynical say it is an exercise in vote buying.

The more pragmatic-minded say it is high time for a Merdeka Generation Package, in the wake of the Pioneer Generation Package.

Those born in the 1960s – let’s call them the Majullah Generation – say they also deserve a package. In their fifties now, they are particularly vulnerable.

Many who have been retrenched or lost their sunset industry jobs have problems getting re-employed. Too young to retire and too old to start a second career, they are truly in a bind.

With the Pioneer and now the Merdeka Generation packages, the floodgates are opened.

The pressure will be on for the government to devise a package for the Majullah Generation.

And we have not even begun to talk about those born in the 1970s – the Sandwiched Generation

What is undeniable is that with more revenue sapping generational packages, the rise in taxes will be steep and inescapable.

Shades of robbing Peter to pay Paul. And in some instances, robbing Peter to pay Peter.

Every beneficiary of a generational package is no doubt happy to be accorded some help and support.

But the more pertinent questions we should ask are:

Is it better to receive one-off GST vouchers or to suffer long-term GST hike?

Is it better to receive one-off utility rebates or to suffer long-term utility hikes?

And is it better to receive generational packages or to suffer steep and irreversible tax increases?

At the end of the day, nothing is for free. If it is paid for by the government, they will find a way to claw it back from the people.